Top 10 Must-have Home Accessories



A vase full of flowers can bring life into a home.
A vase full of flowers can bring life into a home.
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­If you have a vase in your home, you're in very good company. Of all the accessories used in the home, vases have one of the longest histories. The earliest known vases date back to ancient Greece, where they were made mainly for practical uses like the storage of food, medicine, oils and water. Vases have been found dating from around 5000 B.C., and the pictures and carvings they depict present some of the best information we have about ancient Greek life.

The ancient Chinese also produced many vases that have survived to this day, including the exquisitely crafted Ming vase. Produced during the Ming Dynasty (around 14th to 16th centuries A.D.), these vases were made of porcelain and elaborately painted, making them a highly coveted collector's item today [source: McIntosh].

Today, vases made from ceramic, crystal and glass are used to complement our home décor. They're popular as a vessel for displaying fresh or synthetic flowers but are also valued for their beauty and decorative aspects. Crystal vases also make great wedding or anniversary gifts.