Top 10 Must-have Home Accessories



Some choose to keep their space as uncluttered as possible.
Some choose to keep their space as uncluttered as possible.
Inti St. Clair/Digital Vision/Getty Images

­Some people feel that the best home accessories are none at all. This concept is popular for those with minimalist décor. Minimalism emphasizes the use of color and structure over clutter and complicated decorating themes. A home styled after these concepts would focus on the basics, with the only furniture being required for day-to-day living, and everything else stored away neatly and out of sight. Floors and other surfaces are clear and free of clutter. Solid colors are used in lieu of complex, visually cluttered patterns.

This doesn't mean your home should be completely accessory-free. It simply means that you choose quality over quantity when it comes to décor. A single piece of artwork, a family photograph or a vase of fresh flowers would all complement this look.

Why is this style so appealing? First, it's easy to keep neat. There are no trinkets to dust and not much to shuffle around when you're cleaning. Second, a clutter-free home is calming and helps keep our stress levels low. Without so many things distracting the eye and the mind, we are better able to focus and decompress.

This style takes its roots from Japanese architecture, which in turn is heavily influenced by Buddhism and Zen principles. These principles are based on mindfulness, concentration and self-awareness, all of which are more easily achieved when we're not distracted by the mountain of stuff in our homes.