10 Plants for Small Spaces

Keep your lifestyle in mind as you search for the perfect houseplant. See more perennial flower pictures.

Looking for a plant to brighten a corner of your new apartment or home? Searching for blooms that won't overwhelm your courtyard garden? A variety of small plants can add a welcome focal point to your indoor décor or outdoor landscape.

Keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a plant, especially if you want an indoor one. Some plants, like the ponytail palm, require very little care and can even store water. On the other hand, orchids are more sensitive to temperature and moisture changes; they need a little TLC to look their best. If you're looking for an outdoor plant, consider the amount of sunlight it will receive and the climate in your area.

Browse these proven plants and you're bound to find a touch of greenery that will add intrigue to your space and bring you closer to nature.