10 Simple Tricks for Quick Fixes

Hardened paintbrushes await our trick for renewal.
Hardened paintbrushes await our trick for renewal.

There's always something to fix around the house -- probably so many things that you tend to lose track of them. If you constantly open a door, hear the hinge squeak, and think, "I've been meaning to fix that!" stop right there, because we've got a quick and easy solution for you.

You think you don't have time to do it now -- that you'll come back one lazy Saturday afternoon and wipe out all the fix-it jobs in one fell swoop -- but how long have you been telling yourself that? Many of those tedious, troubling little problems, which are never quite annoying enough for you fix, can actually be knocked out in two minutes each, whether the task is saving those hardened paintbrushes or simply getting ink off your hands, which, if you're in the habit of always managing to grab that one leaky pen out of the jar, you know is much trickier than one might think.

Let's take a look at some simple solutions to the tasks you've been putting off, starting with keeping those flowers looking fresher longer.