Top 10 Cutting-edge Trends in Home Design

Just like fashion design changes, new home trends arrive each year. See more home design pictures.
© Mukherjee

You update your wardrobe each season, but what about your home? Just like fashion design, home design changes with the seasons, and new trends arrive each year. You may pick up an accessory here and there while browsing in Pottery Barn, but have you really considered the look you are trying to achieve? Before your next house-dressing splurge, take a moment to consider your home's design as a whole. If you take time to determine what fashion statement you're making, you can purchase with purpose. If you're not up to speed with the latest trends, don't worry. We've compiled a list of the top 10 cutting-edge design trends to help you get started. If home decor had a runway, these trends would steal the show.