10 TV Homes We'd Love to Live In


The Stephens' House (Bewitched)

With just a twitch of the nose, you could have a whole new room!
Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

On "Bewitched," this unpretentious house on Morning Glory Circle, a level, tree-lined suburban utopia, was the perfect place for a normal, newly-wed couple to blend in. As part of the marriage contract -- and in order to help with that whole blending-in thing -- Samantha agreed not to use her witchcraft.

Of course, Samantha couldn't suppress her own magical nature, so her husband, Darrin, erupted in fury over witchy powers in every episode. But he never seemed to mind that their house practiced its own kind of magic: It adapted to their needs. When Darrin needed to work from home, a tiny den expanded into an office. When Tabitha came along, a nursery popped up on the upper floor. Sometimes the back yard was luscious grass; sometimes it was durable concrete. Once, a back stairwell even descended from somewhere upstairs into a never-before-seen anteroom off the kitchen, seeming to appear just for the diaper delivery man. Talk about a house with a quirky personality.

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