10 Ways to Use Your Vertical Space


Stack your Stuff

Stackables shouldn't be a new idea to you. Think of that bunk bed you slept in at camp or in college. The space over your head is going to waste, and filling it by putting useful items on top of one another is a stroke of space-saving genius. The only problem is that getting to the stuff on top and dismantling the pile to get to the stuff on the bottom can be a big pain. This is where good planning comes in. Creating stacked solutions that sit comfortably on one another, or are attached to a supporting frame that makes access easy, offers optimum space utilization with a minimum of inconvenience.

You can buy a stackable washer and dryer. You can even buy platform beds with under-bed storage that effectively stacks your bed on top of your chest of drawers. There are stacking occasional tables with smaller tables nesting underneath taller ones. You can stack shelves, home office file cabinets, CD collections and even electronic components. Evaluate your needs, and then take a look around your local furniture outlet or home improvement store. There are more nifty stackable solutions than you might think.