5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Room Look Expensive

Decorate with Flowers
Fresh flowers are an affordable luxury.
Fresh flowers are an affordable luxury.
Polka Dot/Thinkstock

Forget precious metals, wall color and floor materials -- if you really want to turn a blasé space into an expensive-looking room, use fresh flowers. There's something about freshly cut flowers that invigorates a room in a way that no other type of ornamentation or plastic plant can. Fresh flowers add warmth and personality to any environment, and they even make the air smell better (which significantly raises the value of any space, in our opinion).

Fresh flowers also make it easy to change the look or theme of a room, regardless of its décor. You can add a seasonal kick to any space through a bouquet of spring, fall or winter blooms, and you can call attention to a specific area or piece of furniture by placing a few buds on or near it. Change the flowers every week or so for a fresh, chic environment that'll keep even your most frequent guests guessing.