Bye Bye Beige! Top 5 Colors to Add to Your Decor

Sure, beige is a nice color, but to achieve emotion in style, you often need to accent with color. See more hot home design pictures.

Beige is a lovely color. Tan, off-white and eggshell are lovely colors. Understated neutrals can be elegant and, at times, ideal backdrops for your décor.

They are not, however, terribly creative or dramatic, as far as color goes. Some would argue they're not even colors, and certainly no one walks into a room and is struck by the boldness of a beige wall or the warmth of an off-white sofa. To achieve emotion and style through color itself, you typically need go with something a bit more, well, colorful.

Here, five of the most popular, interesting and of-the-moment colors to introduce in your abode, whether through paint, upholstery or objets d'art. Try one. Try two or three. You may find you like the oomph you can achieve if you step outside the relative safety of neutrals.

First up: Green ain't just for the trees

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