Bye Bye Beige! Top 5 Colors to Add to Your Decor

Seeing Orange
This rich orange-toned rug complements the sitting room's art.
This rich orange-toned rug complements the sitting room's art.

Orange is not, perhaps, the first color people think of when they think of home décor. It can seem loud and a bit overpowering. Plus, nothing rhymes with it. But you'd be amazed at what orange can do.

Shades of orange like tangerine, peach, apricot, salmon, coral or burnt can provide warmth, excitement (especially if you go dark), a touch of the feminine and, excuse the overused term, but "pop." Especially powerful in accent form (a burnt-orange vase, a coral-based lamp or peach-printed drapery), orange can be an easy and even safe way to add some excitement and bold style to a neutral room.

Try combining:

  • Tangerine with red, mocha or rose pink
  • Peach with olive green, turquoise or mint green
  • Apricot with avocado green, dusty pink or lavender
  • Salmon with mint green, ocean blue or aubergine
  • Coral with gold, crocus or kelly green
  • Burnt orange with ochre, teal or navy blue

Orange is ideal for daytime living, but not, perhaps, for where you sleep. For a greater sense of calm, consider adding the next color on our list.

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