Bye Bye Beige! Top 5 Colors to Add to Your Decor

Slate Blue

It's safer than orange, subtler than teal and more masculine than purple -- and it can give a city home a decidedly "Nantucket" feel, like the air is salty and a cool sand beach is right outside your door.

Slate blue is a soft combination of blue and gray, and it can just add a touch of modern oomph to a neutral room while still keeping it understated. And as far as wall color goes, it's tough to go wrong with this shade of blue.

Try combining:

  • A pale slate blue with crocus, burnt orange or olive green
  • A deep slate blue with gold, lilac or pale mocha

Whether you prefer bright or light, warm or cool, bold or understated, remember this cardinal color rule: Contrast is the key to balance and gives a room depth, character and an overall pleasing feel. So mix it up, if only a bit. You don't have to be boring to be consistent.

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