5 Cool Thrift Store Finds -- What to Look For and What's a Good Deal


Jewelry Booty

You never know what treasures you can find.
You never know what treasures you can find.

You probably already know that a real diamond cuts glass, but were you aware that real pearls have a slightly rough feel when rubbed along your tongue or the inside of your wrist? You may not think that gold or precious gems would make it to the bargain bowl of your friendly neighborhood thrift store, but stranger things have happened. Is it a long shot? Sure, but the idea of unexpected treasure is so beguiling that it may be worth a look just for fun. You don't have to be on the lookout for a once-in-a-lifetime find to enjoy perusing the thrift store jewelry counter. Costume jewelry that's so old it's back in style can be found -- you may be able to buy a bag of the stuff for a dollar. If you're into jewelry making, consider it an inexpensive source for interesting supplies.