5 Inventive Ways to Get the Most Out of Small Spaces

Stuck in a cramped space? There are ways to open the place up.
Stuck in a cramped space? There are ways to open the place up.
Ken Wramton/Getty Images

You're cramped, always tripping over your own stuff. There's no place to put anything or room to have friends over. Sometimes, you feel as though you're in a prison cell or cave.

Whether it's a tiny apartment, a small house with inadequate storage, a mobile home or a dorm room, living without enough space can be a challenge.

You could grumble about it -- or you could tackle that challenge head-on.

First, look around at that stuff that's in your way and decide what you can live without. Do you really need those books you read three years ago? Are all those knickknacks and doodads essential to your happiness? Is there any point in keeping clothes you never wear? Do you really need to reserve counter space for that cappuccino maker you haven't fired up in two years?

Be ruthless. Cut the clutter. If you rarely, if ever, use something, sell it, give it to charity, recycle it or toss it. Space is at a premium.

Getting rid of things you don't need can be a great start. Read on for some more imaginative ways to make the most of the space you have.