5 Modern Shabby Chic Styles for Your Home

Incorporate Uncluttered Lines

Poufy ottomans and chubby cushions help make shabby chic rooms look inviting. They also balance the appearance of distressed tables and other hard furnishings. When you're building a more modern look, inject some clean lines into the mix. It will help strike a balance too, this time between the symmetry in the modern pieces and the overstuffed and exaggerated contours common in shabby chic decor. This can get tricky, so audition new furnishings and accessories until you find an arrangement that works. Modern décor often uses long, straight silhouettes and geometric designs. Finding a few that integrate with your shabby chic pieces is the challenge here. Look for natural materials like wood, glass, wrought iron and stone. If you do run into trouble, increase the physical space between pieces and try uncluttering your arrangement.

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