5 Pieces Every Small Home Needs


The Right Bed

If you live in a small house, your bed should be doing more than providing back support and a comfy place to spend the overnight hours. Because it's probably the largest piece of furniture in your home, the bed should offer some added advantages:

  • Storage - From buying a headboard with onboard shelves to opting for a platform bed with under-bed drawers, make your sleeping sanctuary into a handy storage area as well as a cozy nook for canoodling. If you're outfitting a kid's room, take a look at the new loft beds that have functional open areas under the elevated bed for things like a desk or chest of drawers.
  • Flexibility - Choosing a futon, Murphy bed or sofa bed combo may make it possible to turn a third bedroom into a family room or home office. Insisting that a piece of furniture do double duty is a good plan when you're dealing with a small living space. As you add furniture to your home, be on the lookout for convertible pieces like hassocks that open to reveal handy storage recesses, chairs that convert to step ladders and dining room tables with onboard storage for folding chairs.
  • Ambience - Small houses are often starter homes with more bargain power than designer flair. When you choose your bed, make sure it reflects the general style you want for your home. If you love modern décor or embrace a country cottage look, your bed should reflect that. It's one piece that has the scale and focus to bring your design ideas to life, so make sure the bed, bedding and accessories speak to you.