5 Pieces Every Small Home Needs


Glass-topped Tables

Acrylic would also work well, and it's oh so chic right now.
Acrylic would also work well, and it's oh so chic right now.

Tables are everywhere in the home. They adorn the dining area, can be essential in a breakfast nook, grace the front of the sofa, and house a convenient lamp when placed behind the sofa or on a side table. There are end tables, occasional tables, entry tables and plant stands that look like tiny tables. With this wealth of horizontal space for displaying and storing treasures, it's easy to forget that tables can make already small rooms look even smaller. Tables obstruct the nice visual continuity provided by your carpet or other flooring. The solution: Use glass topped tables.

Because you can see through the glass to the flooring below, tables with glass inserts are less visually weighty, so your room will look lighter, airier and roomier. In a small home, they can make a big difference. If you absolutely refuse to install tables that you'll have to clean every day, try using metal or light-colored tables instead. Both will be better choices than medium or dark wood options.