5 Pieces Every Small Home Needs


Open Wall Storage Units

Built-in kitchen cabinets with solid doors make most kitchens look smaller. The same can be said for almost any type of solid door-fronted cabinet. Instead of buying a large entertainment armoire or other closed-cabinet shelving system for your home, install open or glass-fronted shelves.

Wall shelves provide a focal point, add interest and offer lots of storage. If you want to anchor a conversational grouping, do it with a wall shelf and finish the look with an area rug. If you have an oddly-shaped room or one with a prominent architectural element you want to hide, buy modular shelving and arrange it on, over, under or around the pesky flaw.

You can find wall shelves to fit almost any budget. From putting wire racks over your washing machine, to mounting chrome and glass shelves in your den to hold your reference books, open wall shelving is a smart choice for your small home.