5 Scrapbook Room Ideas


Try Magnetic Paint

You knew there'd be some painting involved, didn't you? It'll be worth it, though. If you love using refrigerator note clips to keep receipts and reminders organized, you'll adore having a whole magnetic wall (or room) to play with. You'll be able to affix metal objects on the wall easily, and anything non-metallic like a photo can be held in place with a flat magnet or magnetic clip.

Magnetic paint is actually a primer that goes under a latex top coat. You can use whatever color latex you want. You can even use blackboard paint. This is one easy way to get those inspirational items out of your drawers and boxes and up on the walls where they can motivate you to create a masterpiece. If you've heard a rumor that magnetic paint won't hold a heavy magnet in place, newer varieties have more sticking power, so go for it.