5 Tips for Designing for Small Spaces

Open Shelving

Small spaces can be comfy cozy and totally appealing, but one thing they usually lack is enough storage. When you've used every available inch of area in your cupboards, closets, cubbies and bins, consider storing your belongings in plain sight. Open shelving, either freestanding or wall- mounted, can create storage and style in one convenient stroke. You don't have to keep everything out in the open, either. Bamboo, wood, wicker, glass and cloth boxes can be decorative and still function as hiding places for small collections, utility items and extra stuff. You can showcase Aunt Ellie's prized Dresden bowls and keep a decorative bamboo box filled with your cheese graters and extra silverware right next to it. No one will ever know.

Shelves above your furnace, over the couch, or as a makeshift headboard can create a lot of extra room to store your stuff. Other options: Mount shelves around your windows as an inspired and useful window treatment. Put a shelf over the door in your bathroom to store extra towels. Mount wire shelves in your closets and cupboards to store spices, pot lids and sponges.

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