5 Ways to Cozy up Your Living Room

Now, this looks like a place to kick back in.
Now, this looks like a place to kick back in.

Are you afraid to admit that you don't really like what your interior designer did to your living room? You spent all that money and all that time only for it to look like a picture in a book, like a stage set, like a lie. It's just cold.

If your living room doesn't reflect your lifestyle, you can still give it some personality without risking sticky-kid-fingers or man-vs.-coaster disasters. Having a cozy living area is like having a beautiful silk pillow. It's mostly for show, but that doesn't keep it from being soft and inviting. If your main salon doesn't have near the appeal of a really cozy blanket, there are some things you can do to put out the welcome mat and wrap your arms around your family and your guests.

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