5 Ways to Cozy up Your Living Room


Install a Chocolate Fountain

Everyone has a room but you. The kids are like free range chickens pecking around the kitchen, family room, backyard and everywhere else they can't cause a disaster of epic proportions. Your significant other has a garage and maybe even a man cave. Even the dog has a nice mudroom complete with a personalized water dish. What do you have? A corner of the kitchen counter for your craft projects? A spot under the bed for your shoe collection?

Make the living room your "desert" oasis by installing a -- wait for it -- yours only, leave it alone on fear of death chocolate fountain. Yes, you too can indulge your sweet tooth with a rippling tower of liquid love in the most prized room in the house. It's inspired. Your living room probably isn't used much, so it's the perfect place to provide a passionate interlude with the one constant in a hectic life -- a heaping serving of the sweet stuff, and we don't mean low-fat yogurt.

Seriously, use your living room for something other than looking at samples when the Avon lady comes calling. Use it for fun. Build a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows. Help your kids construct a fort out of the couch cushions where they can spend the afternoon pretending they've just conquered the world. Life is short. Use it or lose it. What are you waiting for?

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