10 Ways to Light Up Your Home


Holiday Decorative Lighting

Holidays -- and especially Christmas -- really come alive through lighting. Whether you're trying to create a fun, festive atmosphere or a more intimate one, both can easily be accomplished through your selection of interior and exterior lighting. Colorful lights strung outside can incite instant cheer in those about to enter your home; follow up inside with festive lighting on your tree, plus splashy accent lighting. Accent lighting can be anything from string lights to lighted pine garland to strategically placed blinking deer. For a more subdued, stylish look, swap out the colorful strands for white lights, plus incorporate accents such as candles, lanterns and luminaries, both near the fireplace and on your outside steps. Finally, tuck in some items with metallic finishes near your lights or candles, which will cause a sparkling, shimmering aura.