10 Ways to Light Up Your Home


Reflective Objects

Many people overlook the use of reflective objects -- such as mirrors, crystal and glass -- in adding light to their homes. If properly placed, such objects can go a long way toward illuminating a room. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, for example, can really lighten dark rooms, plus make them seem larger. Smaller mirrors can be set over mantels, or hung on the wall like pictures, to throw back smaller amounts of light [source: The Telegraph]. For tiny sparkles, place mirrored votive candleholders on tables or in dark corners.

Much smaller crystals are great at catching the sunshine and casting it playfully around a room. You can purchase reflective crystals -- often prisms -- for just a few bucks, and place one or more in a window or two. They can be clear or any color you wish [source: The Telegraph].

And don't forget your fireplace. Firelight is magical just as it is, but you can also purchase reflective fireplace glass that you sprinkle at the base of your fire. The glass pieces are chunkier than regular fire glass, which gives the flames more surface area to reflect off of, resulting in an enchanting, dancing light. Like crystals, they come in a variety of colors [source: Blazing Glass].