6 Helpful Ways to Add Focus to Your Decor

Create a focal point around a favorite feature like a fireplace.
Create a focal point around a favorite feature like a fireplace.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

A focal point is the glue that holds your room together. Without it, your space can feel chaotic or clustered. With the wrong one, your room can feel out of place. We've got the tips you need to help choose the right focal point to take your room to another level.


Embrace Windows

If your eyes are immediately drawn to the view outside a window, that view is your room's focal point. Enhance it by grouping furniture around the window. Give the window some special treatment. Paint the trim a contrasting color, or add an attractive valance to give the window more prominence within the room. If your windows are in poor condition, but the scene outside deserves attention, use an attractive window treatment to keep the eye focused outdoors. If a dominant window offers a poor view, screen it with window treatments. You don't want to draw attention to an unattractive scene outside.


Fire Up Your Decor

The natural focal point in many rooms is the fireplace. Enhance it by hanging a large piece of art above it, prop art on the mantel, or re-paint the mantel in a new, bold color with an eye-catching finish. To enlarge and frame your fireplace, add additional crown molding around the existing structure. Don't crowd the mantel with knickknacks. Keep the space around the fireplace clean and simple so you don't distract from it.

To revamp a worn-out fireplace, try replacing the old mantel with a unique tiled design. Simply use tools to carefully remove the mantel and trim, then purchase 1"x1" tiles in sheets for easy application. With countless colors, designs and textures available, it's easy to achieve a stylized look that complements the d├ęcor in your space.


During warm months, when a crackling fire isn't likely, you can change the room's focal point by directing attention away from the fireplace. Regroup the furniture to face an outdoor garden or another focal point more appropriate to the season. Fill the fireplace with plants, or cover with a fireplace screen.


Focal Furniture

An unusual piece of furniture can be your room's focal point. It might be your grandmother's antique desk, a beautiful armoire, or an eclectic sofa-furniture that has been painted, or is entirely different than the other pieces in the room. A baker's rack or bookcase can be the focal point in a large kitchen. Or keep the kitchen table free of clutter and place a simple plant or flower arrangement in the center, making the table an inviting place for family and friends to gather.


Glue Eyes to the Tube

Family rooms often have the television as the focal point with furniture grouped around it. Keep the wall space around the television clear of clutter, or the room may appear chaotic when the set is turned on. If you don't want your television to be the focal point, place it in a cabinet that allows you to hide it when not in use.


Add Balance with Your Bed

Because of its size, the bed is nearly always the focal point of a bedroom. You can enhance it with multiple decorative pillows or an interesting headboard.

To quickly and easily showcase your bed with a new decorative headboard, consider repurposing the mantel over your fireplace. Remove the mantel, then paint the piece in an antiquing finish to achieve a rustic, weathered look. Continue by lightly dry brushing the piece in the same paint color as your room's walls, then paint on a deep gel stain. While wet, rub off the stain with a dry cloth. With these varied painting techniques, your mantel quickly takes on an aged, layered texture, perfect for haloing your bed in style.



Help Create a Focus

Light can play a role in creating a room's focal point by directing the eye. For instance, it can spotlight a dramatic piece of art, or create a warm glow around a reading nook. Sometimes a natural light source, such as a skylight, can become a room's focal point, flooding a room with shafts of sunlight or moonlight.

Create a focal point in a room simply by using color. Paint one wall a deep hue, then tastefully place artwork on this wall. Use directional light to further draw attention to it if needed. Or hang a colorful tapestry or quilt on a wall to draw attention to it.