6 Helpful Ways to Add Focus to Your Decor


Fire Up Your Decor

The natural focal point in many rooms is the fireplace. Enhance it by hanging a large piece of art above it, prop art on the mantel, or re-paint the mantel in a new, bold color with an eye-catching finish. To enlarge and frame your fireplace, add additional crown molding around the existing structure. Don't crowd the mantel with knickknacks. Keep the space around the fireplace clean and simple so you don't distract from it.

To revamp a worn-out fireplace, try replacing the old mantel with a unique tiled design. Simply use tools to carefully remove the mantel and trim, then purchase 1"x1" tiles in sheets for easy application. With countless colors, designs and textures available, it's easy to achieve a stylized look that complements the décor in your space.

During warm months, when a crackling fire isn't likely, you can change the room's focal point by directing attention away from the fireplace. Regroup the furniture to face an outdoor garden or another focal point more appropriate to the season. Fill the fireplace with plants, or cover with a fireplace screen.