Beyond Trailer Parks: Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes: The Pros

Cheap, small, sustainable, trendy? What's not to love about a prefab (also known as "modular") home? As with any home, this purchase isn't something you should jump into blindly. Make sure you do your research, and ask the right questions. Let's take a look at some of the pros of buying a prefab home.

Affordability. Modular homes have always been less expensive than traditional houses since they're mostly built in the factory. Weather, inspections and supply delays are no longer an issue. Just about everything is done onsite.

Construction time. A prefab home takes much less time to build than a traditional home because a large portion of a prefab home is built on an assembly line. It's inspected before it even leaves the manufacturing facility, and the house is then driven right to your property on a truck, hooked up to gas and electrical lines, and -- welcome home, it's ready.

Design options. With a modular home, you don't have to pick from a group of designs that all look pretty much the same, as you do with traditional homes. Cutting-edge architects have embraced the flexibility of the modular home and you can find designs that are both utilitarian and artful at the same time.

Sustainability. Because they're built with more modern materials, prefab homes tend to be more energy-efficient, with good insulation and tight windows. Some can even be built with recycled materials.

Keep reading to find out the cons of buying a prefab home.

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