Cabin Decor Ideas

Joint Precision

Arts & Crafts-style homes of the early 1900s often featured a hearth at their centers. This contemporary home draws from that era, boasting a soapstone masonry heater that radiates warmth from the heart of the open floor plan.

The Arts & Crafts movement, which sprang up in England and caught hold in the United States in the early 1900s, glorified the work of the craftsperson. So fitting for cabin decor, the simple lines, handwoven textiles, and handcrafted furniture formed a stark contrast to the ornamented and baroque interiors of the Victorian era.

Arts & Crafts, or Mission, style is quite at home in log cabins. Both glow with natural warmth, and both play up the inherent beauty of wood. In this home, handcrafted square logs are carefully stacked and locked together with dovetail corners.

Light fixtures with colored glass shades and geometric patterns continue the Arts & Crafts theme. Even the windows, with their rectilinear panes, echo the style. In the corner, a chest of drawers shows Japan's influence on the style.

The same attention to precise wood joinery shows in the Stickley-style furnishings found throughout the house. To carry out the look, light fixtures, window panes, stair railings, and more exhibit the simple geometric patterns that are so common to the Arts & Crafts look.

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