Cabin Decor Ideas

Designed by Nature

©Rustic Furniture A pattern of chip carvings dots the twigs on this gypsy chest. The piece's aged wood legs complement the piece's hickory top.

While today's manufacturers rely on machines and lathes to create fancy ornaments and turns on their mass-produced cabin decor furniture, the rustic furniture makers of the Adirondack north woods used ingenuity and the abundance of the forest.

From large case pieces to chairs to small boxes, the furniture and accessories created in rustic style all spotlight the beauty of nature.

©Antler Artistry Four shed antlers balance on a moose horn, which serves as the base for this floor lamp. Even the lamp's finial is a section of antler.

Craftspeople gathered twigs, bark, reeds, roots, and branches to use in their creations, and their patterns were gleaned from looks that were popular at the time, such as Victorian and Arts & Crafts styles.

©Whispering Pines Bright red chairs would add zest to any cabin's breakfast nook or great room. This table and chair set gives a nod to the classic shade of red favored by the owners of the Great Camps.

And although the heyday of the Adirondack Great Camps has passed, their influence is still seen in rustic furniture design. Like many of the pieces shown here, new furnishings and accessories are being made that honor the rustic tradition and its unique beauty.

©Hancock and Moore A tufted lounger with the look of a classic leather armchair would add straightforward masculinity to any lodge-style cabin.

In the next section, get great decorating advice for adding a Wild West touch to your cabin.

©Sleeping Bear Twig Furniture This simple arched mirror reveals the beauty of bark, featuring both the reddish hues from the inner layers of birch bark and the outer layer's peachy shade of white.

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