Cabin Decor Ideas

The Wild West

©Russell and Rusty Viers, Livingston, Montana Red leather and brass tacks spark interest in this sideboard, complete with wood inlay and branchy drawer pulls.

The Wild West is a popular theme for cabin decor. After all, we love to hear the story of how the West was won. Movies, TV shows, and Western novels tell tall tales of cowboy heroes and their faithful sidekicks over and over again. And when he's not sleeping under the stars, we just know the cowboy goes home to a log cabin.

Bringing Western style to a log cabin means seeing beauty in everyday objects -- a hand-tooled saddle, woven blankets, and the simple forms of Native American pottery. No fluff and nonsense here, Missy; just plain and simple folks doing their jobs and living their lives.

Western style is honest, practical, and sturdy -- perfect for log cabins. Because the style is hardworking, the furnishings are rugged, like leather upholstered chairs and sturdy plank tables, and the colors are natural.

Of course, a love of Cowboys and Indians can be taken to the extreme. The Technicolor Western style of Hollywood matinees and Route 66 souvenir stands can bring whimsy and fun to any plainspoken Western-style home. For additional tips on creating a whimsical Western theme in your cabin, read on.

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