Country Decorating Ideas

Gentle Memories

©York Wallcoverings New floral fabric with a weathered blue background works nicely with white matelassé, a vintage fabric that's back in style. An old dresser gets a new life with a fresh coat of white paint.

With their soft, aged colors and smooth, timeworn textures, these pretty, fresh country style rooms remind us of gentle moments of times gone by. Vintage-style wallcovering and related fabrics go a long way toward creating an old-fashioned, whimsical look.

Floral prints are obviously on target, but today's manufacturers have also come up with designs that evoke a vintage look with a bit of tongue-in-cheek cleverness. So you can create a setting that reminds you of Grandma's house without taking it all too literally.

©York Wallcoverings Witty wallcovering with a chicken-wire design is topped with a border of delicately illustrated hens. Simple, open-wall shelves make a great display, and cabinets with gently arched door panels are traditional without being formal.

To further the gentle retro look, enlist fuzzy chenille trims, matelassé, and other fabrics popular in the '30s and '40s. If you didn't inherit Grandma's heirloom furniture, scout the resale shops, flea markets, and estate sales (find them in the classifieds and get there early with cash in hand).

If you can't find just the piece you want, don't overlook reproductions sold in conventional furniture stores. Vintage style is hot, and it's everywhere.

If you can't get enough of floral motifs, continue to the next section for more flowery -- and fruitful -- country decorating ideas.

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