Country Decorating Ideas

Simply Fresh

©Directions, Inc. A minimalist setting demands furniture with sculptural presence, and this sofa fills the bill. Sleek and simple, but with unmistakable flair, this very modern sofa brings cool, good looks to a contemporary country room.

Fresh country style finds common ground between the simplicity of earlier times and the simplicity of modern design. Both are rigorous about following the modernist dictum, "form follows function." That means few or no extraneous details or embellishments, but it doesn't mean cold or skimpy.

Contemporary country features a wonderful range of furniture styles with sculptural presence, whether the pieces were designed in the 1790s or the 1990s. Early American Shaker style is a classic that spans all eras; hearty, handsome mission, prairie, and Arts and Crafts styles from the early 1900s have a timeless drama of their own.

©Directions, Inc. A "Stillwood" cocktail table gives a nod to sophisticated '30s art moderne style, bringing special pizzazz to any room. The saber legs and divided top with oval cutouts provide subtle interest.

Sleek art moderne and art deco designs from the 1920s and 1930s add a spirit of glamour without clutter. Keep backgrounds cool and clean, and you're all set!

Take advantage of the cultural richness of today's world by adding global elements to your home's decor. The next section has practical decorating advice for an eclectic style.

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