Country Decorating Ideas

In the Mix

©Ballard Designs Certain prints and stripes and animal skin designs transcend eras and styles. This elegant 18th-century-style stool gets a kick from a leopard-print cushion in pure wool needlepoint.

Fresh country style is subject to different interpretations around the world, but everywhere "country" means simple, relaxed, close to nature, and in touch with the basic rhythms of life.

To achieve eclectic country style, combine country favorites from several eras and several cultures. Once called "worldly," this look has evolved to something we might call "globally aware design." To get there, venture into dramatic, well-edited combinations.

©Ballard Designs Inspired by Caribbean colonial images, this pillow makes a sophisticated, fun accent for today's beach house decorating.

Dark, elaborate colonial Caribbean style is a rich, romantic take on 18th-century elegance; handsome Arts and Crafts style also provides a great decorating basis. Enhance the exotic ambience with wicker and rattan furniture plus Asian artifacts and accents.

For a chic touch, go for sophisticated modern fabrics, timeless stripes, or faux-animal prints on classic furniture pieces. Add a few select pieces of colorful art furniture and bright handcrafted accessories to create a world you'll love to live in.

In this article, we've presented a bounty of different ways to create a fresh country style. Base your decorating scheme on one of these ideas, or use them as inspiration for your own personalized country decor.

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