Country Decorating Ideas

A Pared-Down Asthetic

This room is free from white-box plainness because of modern, dramatic wall art, a sexy coral love seat, and a bureau with a past. If you don't have fabulous views,substitute oversized art work, a go-anywhere fireplace, or an aquarium to create a lively focal point on the wall opposite the bed.

The owners of this high-rise home overlooking the mountains love modern style, but that doesn't mean they want to live in a chilly, high-tech environment. To give their space warmth, they've combined clean, contemporary lines with fresh country style.

Against an unembellished white wall, a highly detailed wood antique delivers dramatic warmth and interest. Warm colors make the contemporary country space inviting, too: In the bedroom, a coral-red love seat and a piece of wall art with the same hue catch the eye.

Country style pays homage to beautiful woods, and the dark-and-light patterns of polished, natural burlwood create subtle interest throughout this room. Burlwood pairs with shiny black lacquer on timeless furniture for a look that's serene and sophisticated.

The dining room is modern and neutral in color, but burlwood makes it have country style because it is one of nature's extraordinary beauties. To create a similar effect, choose simple modern pieces in genuine woods and soft natural fabrics.

An antique bureau-desk with dramatic lines makes a sculptural statement against a plain white wall. A stacked trio of windows opposite the bed makes an intriguing frame for the vista beyond.

Work with a specialty closet installer to design as much customized, compartmentalized storage as you can into your rooms, so you can keep the clutter under wraps. Then, warm it all up with accents rich in texture, pattern, and hot color.

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