Country Decorating Ideas

Clean and Serene

Spare and simple, the cabinetry in this modern country bathroom relies on the sleek warmth of finished wood to create the best of both worlds. Shallow glass bowls sparkle like pools of water atop each of the twin vanities.

When seeking inspiration for fresh country style that's a bit more eclectic, consider the Asian aesthetic. Deceptively simple yet deeply resonant with the currents of nature, Asian style is as much philosophy as it is a decorative approach.

Since the 1950s, modern style in the West has borrowed from Eastern design principles. The result is a look that's timeless, graceful, and natural and, at the same time, rigorously geometric and simple.

Branching quartzite tiles on the floor of this bathroom flow into a shower stall floor of naturally rounded pebbles. Frosted and clear glass define space unobtrusively.

The bath shown here is a great example. Inherently interesting natural materials, from exotic branched quartzite to common river pebbles, are used where waterproof elements are needed. Matte-finished wood and brushed metal are juxtaposed for a marriage of natural and industrial elements.

Sleek, polished countertops and drawer fronts gleam like jewels against their quiet, natural wood counterparts, creating an attractive interplay. A collection of acid-pitted metal bottles looks like ancient artifacts yet fits the modern aesthetic of the space.

Frosted, textured, and clear glass is used to define space and create soothing watery effects so appealing in a bath. The final Asian-inspired grace note? One perfect flower, poised for contemplation.

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