Cozy Up Your Home in 10 Steps

Get your home ready for winter with some simple tips.
Get your home ready for winter with some simple tips.
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Home is where the heart is, and what better way to show it than with these thoughtful tips. Your interior décor will embrace everyone who visits with open arms. From simple touches to personal notes, these ideas will remind you that home is best enjoyed when your loved ones are together.


Touchable Texture

Add plush, wooly fabrics to your living room furniture to promote security, stability and nurturing. Extra pillows and blankets will encourage everyone to cuddle up and spend time together talking, reading or watching a movie. And don't stop there; try adding soft and sumptuous curtains or Roman shades to your windows and runners to tables to make your space look and feel warmer.


Make Connections

If you have a bare floor area under or between seating areas, try using thoughtfully placed area rugs to help connect everyone in your living or dining spaces. You can even try overlapping multiple rugs to add casual warmth to chilly floors.



Place a few candles in your bedroom to promote togetherness and romance.


Refresh Your Family Photos

Update the photos you display in your living room or entryway a few times a year so guests can see what your family has been up to recently. It's a quick and easy way to give your décor a fresh new look and it acts as an instant conversation starter.


Warm Messages

Custom door hangers provide a warm way to greet guests and family members alike.


Awaken the Senses

A cozy atmosphere is about more than just warm fabrics. Try enhancing your overall atmosphere with scent. Spicy scents are great for stimulating conversation; lavender and vanilla are perfect for creating calm moments, while citrus infused scents promote clarity and energy.


Welcoming Arrangements

When positioning your living room furniture, make sure no one's back will be facing a doorway to promote a more welcoming entrance to the room. Also, try to forgo facing all furniture toward the television and instead create an arrangement that encourages more face-to-face interaction. If you have a large space, you can divide it to create permanent areas for specific activities, like curling up for bedtime stories or playing board games.


Inviting Books

Set out a collection of books you've been meaning to read or coffee table books that fit the theme of your room or your general interests. They're an invitation for you and your guests to sit and read and they can also get a sense of your personal style and passions. Whether it's a childhood favorite or the current best seller, books are sure to make you feel at home or start an interesting conversation.


Highlight the Hearth

"Keeping the home fires burning" is a classic saying and an inviting way to encourage a cozy night at home. Place a decorative basket with extra firewood and an ornate holder for pokers next to the fireplace, add a small table with an area rug underneath for a toasty game of cards or late night snack and don't forget to adorn the mantel with treasured mementos.


Slipper Cubby

Place decorative cubbies or shoe holders near your entrance so your family can exchange their muddy boots and wet shoes for warm and cozy slippers. This will help protect your floors and make cleaning easier, while also helping your loved ones feel instantly more at home. Add a few extra, inexpensive slippers in the cubbies for use when you have out-of-town guests visiting.