Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Glamorous Dining Spaces

©William Lesch Photographer, Lori Carroll, ASID The round table and elegant chairs help create a glamorous look.

Why is it when we think of dining rooms we imagine the same old table with the perfunctory chairs? Take notice of this very stylish arrangement for cues on how to fashion your own captivating dining area.

Standing just far enough apart from the living room to have adequate square feet of its own for comfort, the round table and elegant chairs achieve dining-room status.

What gives the setting its magic? The dazzling elongated chandelier, the painted furniture embellished with gold, and the mirror and glass that twinkle in the background. If you were to light candles on this table, all around you would see the glow reflected.

Of course, the champagne-colored wood floor also does its part. A rug -- even the best sort -- would lessen the formality. And those large windows may be across the room, but the romance of city lights beyond the glass works a charm here, too.

If your tastes are more contemporary, continue to the next section to learn decorating tips for a modern dining room.

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