Decorating Auxiliary Home Spaces

Skylights and Eaves

Skylights welcome light and air into this workout space.
Skylights welcome light and air into this workout space.
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Too often, admit it, your needs have to take a backseat. These owners knew what they wanted and pursued their dreams. One coveted an office with a drawing board to allow her space to work on her designs at home.

The other envisioned a room where he could spend a few hours exercising before and after work.

With a little ingenuity, they each got what they hoped. Forget adding on; unused attic space yielded a perfect spot for the architect and the health-watcher.

Today, skylights -- without the expense of constructing dormers -- let in the air and the light. If you haven't explored the possibility of transforming your forlorn attic, now is the time.

A guest room, a teen's private hideaway, a quiet sitting spot for you and your spouse to relax? With new finished walls and floors, previously dilapidated attics can give even a small house grand possibilities.

More decorating ideas are in the next section. Find out how to get the most out of your home's entranceway.