Decorating Auxiliary Home Spaces

Using Attic Space

Save space by placing the sink under an eave.
Save space by placing the sink under an eave.
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This spacious 1920s house had something to offer that long went unrecognized. A renovation finally brought the overlooked attic's potential to light, and -- as they say -- the rest is history.

Where once there was unused space now exists a spectacular and private master suite. The heavenly retreat includes a bedroom and bath as well as a living/entertainment room for the owners.

A series of new skylights pull in the sun and light up what used to be a dark and gloomy space.

To maximize the fresh, airy, up-and-away feeling, the walls are painted a crisp white and furnishings are minimal.

A pale wall-to-wall carpet pulls it all together and muffles noise at the same time. And a plentiful amount of built-in storage maintains order.

An architect or a space-planner can help you stake claim to an unused attic, basement, or garage, too. Call in an expert, and watch the possibilities unfold.

Creating the right impression is important, both in private spaces like attics and in public spaces like hallways. Continue on to the next section to learn ways to create an exciting hallway.