Decorating Auxiliary Home Spaces

Creating an Exciting Hallway

This hallway offers a sitting place, windows, and ambiance.
This hallway offers a sitting place, windows, and ambiance.

Consider how often you use the hall -- up and down, back and forth. Why not make every trip a pleasure?

This home's Southwestern architecture provides for stucco walls, a beamed ceiling, and a brick floor every bit as enticing as the yellow brick road.

During daylight hours, the hall is flooded with light. The creamy-colored stucco complements the brick floor but also prevents the narrow space from feeling too cramped. At night with candles glowing, the red bricks blaze with color.

Bright woven rugs mark the way. There are niches for romantic candles as well as more practical overhead lights. And there are windows and French doors so travelers catch views along the way.

One window with a particularly fine vista has a bench nearby. The bench is an invitation to sit and rejuvenate for a few minutes by soaking up the scenery.

Perhaps, you have a window in your hall where you can set a little stool or a rocker? A builder could plug in a small window and transform your once gloomy hall into a place where you'll want to linger.

While the function of a hallway is to get from place to place in style, rooms that serve a pure purpose needn't be boring either. See the next section for tips on creating a fun and functional laundry room.