2 Creative Ways to Design Your Decorating Dreams

2. Sketch a Floor Plan

Using just a tape measure, sharp pencil and graph paper you can create useful floor plans for any of your rooms. Just keep a few of these key elements in mind when drawing a basic floor plan and you'll be able to redecorate and rearrange furniture in a snap.

  1. Start by measuring all of the walls in your room with a tape measure. Record the lengths of each.
  2. Do the same with windows, doorways and any permanent fixtures in the room such as counters or stairways. Make sure to measure the length and width of fixtures.
  3. Using your graph paper and pencil, begin drawing your walls by counting squares. Imagine that each square is equal to one foot. Be sure to leave openings where your doorways exist.
  4. For windows, draw double lines along your wall where they appear. For doors, draw a line and then an arc to designate where the door would open.
  5. Add in any fixtures using the same square-counting method. For stairs, draw evenly spaced lines across the width of the stairs, then one line down the center length.
  6. Once the basics of your room are mapped out, you can start figuring out how the furniture, accents, wallpaper or paint colors you've collected on your decorating style board will begin fitting into the room.

You're all set to truly begin your redecorating journey! Just use these basic examples and helpful steps as your guide for creating your own at-home decorating plans.