2 Ideas for Creating Distinct Design at Home

Lighing can add just the right emphasis to a hallway or dark corner.
Lighing can add just the right emphasis to a hallway or dark corner.
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Decorating your home is truly an opportunity to add a touch of yourself to your surroundings. Our simple suggestions capture both the individuality and beauty that make you so special. While perhaps unfamiliar in name, these all-embracing decorating principles will ensure your home shines as much as you do.

1. Revel in the Unconventional with Wabi-sabi

What is it?

Wabi-sabi is a set of ancient Japanese principles that center on celebrating and finding beauty in the imperfect and unconventional. Wabi is new, fresh and unfinished, while sabi is beauty that comes with age, wisdom and use.

What does it look like?

Wabi-sabi is truly in the eye of the beholder. A few great examples include - a handmade piece of pottery with bubbles and bumps, handcrafted wood furniture, a blanket knitted by Grandma, and pieces of your own history, such as sepia-toned family photos and leather-bound books with crinkled pages.


Incorporating Wabi-sabi

  • Personal Décor Mindset: Wabi-sabi is not a particular decorating theme or style; it's more about your personal mindset when it comes to home décor. There's also no set of strict rules, but a wabi-sabi home is all about living modestly and in the moment. It's also about acknowledging that your life and home are constantly changing and a work in progress.
  • Clean & Comfortable: Cleanliness is also a valued principle of wabi-sabi, because it implies that you have respect for your home and the special things you carefully choose to keep inside it. Think about this principle in this way: when your home has clearly been cared for, it is more welcoming and comfortable to the people that live there and those who come to visit. Examples could be a lovingly made bed, dusted shelves and open, uncluttered spaces.
  • Décor Aesthetic: When it comes to décor, wabi-sabi favors the simple, orderly and genuine over all else. Rustic, natural materials such as wood and metal, along with earthy, muted colors are often seen as wabi-sabi. You'll also see a place of honor for items that have personal meaning and well-worn character. Placement of items should be organized, sparse and purposeful, so you're only displaying your most useful and most treasured items.

2. Curiosities Show Off Character

What is it?

Curiosities are unique objects that arouse special interest because they are novel, unusual and extraordinary. You're likely to find them in antique shops, thrift stores, yard sales and specialty boutiques. They may even be family heirlooms that have been passed down through the years or items you've picked up while traveling.

What does it look like?

Curiosities come in all shapes and sizes; some are just for display, while others have functional purposes as well. Examples include - a collection of dishes, cups or other kitchenware from another culture or time period, unique porcelain figurines, vintage textiles and artwork, old postcards and advertisements and antique toy collections.


Get Creative with Curiosities

  • Personal Décor Mindset: Again, with curiosities there is no specific theme or style to adhere to, it's more about what kinds of unique objects, artwork or accents you are personally drawn to. Not only do you get to be creative with the items you choose, but also how you display your collections - sprinkled on shelves, hanging on your walls or arranged on your tables. These are conversation pieces that spark interest and show off the things you love and the places you've been to.
  • Clean & Comfortable: Glass-encased curio cabinets have a long tradition in many homes as a way to display collections. They also often create a lot of dusting and cleaning work for you, but with new tools for dusting available these days, it's easier than ever to clean a curio cabinet and all the pieces contained inside. You can also try taking curiosities into modern spaces by displaying them throughout your home, in clean and organized ways, as mentioned above.
  • Décor Aesthetic: Curiosities are often skillfully handmade, one-of-a-kind or antique pieces that appeal to the crafty, adventurous and creative. They're perfect for adding a little colorful, whimsical style to your home décor. They're often focused on specific interests or hobbies such as cooking, nature, travel or even fashion.

Try to be purposeful with your arrangement and display of curiosities as well. One way to do this is to create a theme in a room that caters to your collection, such as a vintage theme in the kitchen or a nature theme in the living room.

These home décor ideas are all about what you love, what you're drawn to and what truly represents you. Simply remember to trust your instincts and not get held up with a strict plan when it comes to your home décor.