Fictional Man Caves We Could Live With

James Bond's 007 Hangout

Since these are fictional man caves, then there's no reason why we can't speculate on what 007's ultimate testosterone-filled room might be like. Bond is a man of expensive, and usually, good taste, so his man cave won't house any neon beer signs or dart boards on the wall. Well, maybe a dart board -- he is British after all. All you have to do is look at Bond's interests to fill out the rest of the room. He likes the ladies so you know he'll try to impress with fineries that a woman could appreciate. We're talking top-notch furniture in a tony and well-appointed pad. The furniture is also probably pretty comfy to encourage maximum relaxation. In fact, his female guests might get so comfortable that they end up horizontal. Bond is also a foodie and has a taste for fine cocktails. This means that there will never be shortage of top-shelf products in his custom-made bar. If you have a yen for some yummy apps, don't expect Jalapeno poppers in 007's place. Only the finest meats and cheeses for his guests. And finally, a nice hi-fi stereo system completes Bond's man cave, loaded with plenty of Barry White and Al Green.

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