Fictional Man Caves We Could Live With

The Hideout of the Wizard of Oz
Dorothy and crew reach the Emerald City, home of the Wizard.
Dorothy and crew reach the Emerald City, home of the Wizard.
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The man behind the curtain was pretty ordinary, but given his flair for the dramatic, we imagine that his man cave would be beyond extraordinary. The Wizard fancied himself a much bigger presence than he actually turned out to be, so we assume that his man lair would be quite the grand existence. The Wizard believes himself something of a royal, so grandeur is the name of the game. You enter through heavy velvet drapes and leave your ruby slippers at the door. The carpet is so plush it's like walking on a cloud. You have your pick of oversized furniture draped in dark green velveteen crusted with sparkling emeralds to lounge on. It's a little garish, but the man loves green, what can we say. People in colorful outfits run around with trays of delicious bites to eat and, of course, sweets galore. No lollipop kids here, though. Instead, there are trays of every kind of chocolate and confection you can imagine. And since you're in Oz, you won't gain weight or get any cavities, so you can eat to your heart's content. He's not much of a technophile, given the fact that his Wizard contraption consisted of a turn wheel and a microphone, but give the guy a break -- he's from the 1930s. He will surely have a state of the art Victrola and someone else to turn the crank. The only downside: With his inclination toward munchkins and their nasally singing voices, you may need to help him polish up his music collection.

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