4 Fun Fixes for Everyday Problems

Create your own chalkboard to give your kids an artistic outlet that won't damage the walls.
Create your own chalkboard to give your kids an artistic outlet that won't damage the walls.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

Sometimes your home needs a little something more to take make it extraordinary. Magnetic and chalk paints provide the perfect opportunity to both organize and decorate while simply solving common problems. Learn to use these family-friendly favorites to give your home that extra special touch.

1: Home Office Requires Organization

Solution: Magnetic Paint

You taped and tacked your way to a wall covered entirely in paperwork, and now your home office could use a little reorganization. Try magnetic paint. Cover a portion of your office wall with magnetic paint, let dry, and follow up with your desired color. Then simply hang up your calendar, pictures, or important documents with magnetic sheets available at your local craft store.

2: Kid's Bedroom Needs a Makeover

Solution: Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint also works wonders in a child's bedroom. Not only does it serve a decorative purpose, but it's fun for your child as well! Does your little girl love animals? Add a custom touch to her room by applying magnetic paint on one wall, or a portion of a wall. Cut a few of your child's favorite things out of magnetic paper, and stick the objects to the wall to complete the room's look. Or, cut images out of magazines, glue to magnetic sheets, cut out, and adorn the walls. Let your child's imagination go wild whenever the mood strikes her.

3. Your Child Craves an Artistic Outlet

Solution: Chalkboard Paint

Does your child love to draw on the walls? Encourage it with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint makes an ordinary wall into a blank canvas by allowing you to write or draw on it with chalk. Paint a portion of a wall in your child's room (make sure it's within your child's reach), let dry, give him some chalk, and let him go to town! You can even frame it by painting a colorful border around the chalkboard area.

4. Refrigerator is Buried under a Pile of Notes

Solution: Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can also help in this area of organization. Does your current central message area look resemble a cluttered mess? Do phone messages float under the fridge, or important notes get buried under other announcements? Chalkboard paint to the rescue again!

All you need is a piece of wood, a picture frame, and some paint, and you have a convenient message board the whole family can use. Cut wood to fit the picture frame, prime the wood, paint the wood with chalkboard paint, and pop it into the frame.

Or try painting an already magnetic surface, such as a piece of metal, with chalkboard paint-just prime, paint, and frame. Then you'll have a message center where you can affix notices and write messages. Hang your new message board on the wall in your kitchen, den, or wherever. Have handy some chalk for writing and an eraser or damp cloth for cleaning.

Tip: Consider wood pieces that already exist in your space, like the door to your kitchen pantry. Painting the inside with chalkboard paint makes for a perfect message center that can be easily concealed.