4 Exciting Ways to Furnish with Fall Flair

2. Leafy Texture

Much of fall's beauty lies in the glorious changing colors of autumn leaves-but beauty can be found in the leaves' textures as well. Deep, shimmering, and satin are some of the words that come to mind when gazing at autumn foliage.

You can bring these textures into your home with inexpensive touches -- from ribbons to table runners, and throws to pillows:

  • Kitchen table: Place dried goldenrod or forsythia in a matte amber vase, and tie with a strand of purple acetate ribbon.
  • Dining room and coffee table: Scatter dried leaves across a shimmering, inexpensive organza table runner in cream, gold, or crimson.
  • Living room: Decorate the sofa with gold and purple or crimson pillows of rayon/acetate ("antique satin"). Add a chenille throw in brown, crimson, or gold for texture.