5 Steps to Furnish with Family in Mind


Hook onto Memories

From tennis balls to screwdrivers, sometimes ordinary household items remind us most of the important people in our lives. With this simple, whimsical coat hook project, every time you hang up your coat, you'll see your family and smile.


  • 2-3 3/4" dowel rods
  • 3/4" drill bit
  • Wood glue
  • Wooden plaque


  1. Cut the dowel rods into 4" lengths, creating one for each family member.
  2. Using your drill bit, drill evenly spaced holes into the wooden plaque on a slight angle. You will need one hole for each dowel.
  3. Apply wood glue to one end of each dowel, then adhere each family member's item to a dowel. Insert the opposite end of the dowel into the plaque holes.
  4. Mount your coat rack to the wall in your garage, mudroom or entryway.