Can your home gym decor help you work out?

Setting Goals

Although a home gym can save you money in the long run by cutting out yearly gym membership fees, creating a gym in your home can still be a significant financial investment. And when you're spending money on anything, it's always best to do your research. Even if you're just adding a treadmill to your laundry room or basement, it will cost you at least $400. Before you investigate the best quality equipment for your budget, take a moment to consider your fitness goals. You don't want to shell out most of your paycheck for a treadmill if your goals would be better served by a $20 yoga mat and a $40 set of dumbbells. So first decide if you want to build up your muscles, work on your flexibility or simply find an enjoyable way to get in shape. And most importantly, don't invest in machines you don't know how to use, because nothing is less motivating than confusing gym equipment. Purchasing the right equipment is the first step to creating a home gym you will actually use.

Once you've determined your fitness goals, incorporate those in the design of your space as well. If your goal is to build muscles, you might want to consider a more rugged, utilitarian look for your gym -- think sealed concrete floors, exposed pipes and metal accents. If your goal is to de-stress, a calming Zen-like space with green walls, billowing white curtains, and a sleek, bamboo bench might be just what you need.

We can think of a million excuses not do strength training in a cold, boring basement. But the bottom line is, if your gym's design inspires you and gets you going, you'll look forward to working out every day. Read on for some more inspiring ideas on how to create a home gym you won't want to leave.

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