Can your home gym decor help you work out?

The Bare Necessities
Don't make your home gym's decor an afterthought.
Don't make your home gym's decor an afterthought.

No matter what your fitness goals are, a few design basics are important to make the gym a space where you'll want to work out every day. Now that you've determined the best equipment to meet your needs, it's important that the gym be in a room that can accommodate that equipment. After all, an overcrowded space won't be inviting; it will feel stressful. The right color is also essential, because it can set the tone of the space. For instance, a pale blue might be calming, but a shade of bright orange or yellow can boost the room's energy and give you power to work out.

Another thing that no gym should be without is a mirror. Mirrors help you maintain proper form when exercising and track your progress as you tone your physique. Make sure your gym is well lit, too, and that it includes a great sound system and TV, so you can listen to great cardio music and watch workout videos. These additions will help keep you pumped up.

Finally, motivational artwork, quotes or anything inspirational that keeps you going certainly can't hurt. Are you trying to get back into shape? If so, you might want to add a cork board to your decor, so you can display pictures of your once-toned body. Loosing weight for a special occasion? Pin up a picture of the shoes that will show off your newly toned calves or the wedding dress you'll soon be walking down the aisle in. Now, all that's left is to start working out.

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