4 Hot Trends for the Home

Even design divas have to tackle some problems every now and then to get a room fixed up.
Even design divas have to tackle some problems every now and then to get a room fixed up.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

Keeping up with the latest home décor trends can be a frenzied process, with fashions coming and going at a rapid pace. Thankfully, we've assembled four of the hottest styles to guarantee that your house will stay a step ahead of the rest.

These sections are overflowing with inspiration, so you can pick and choose the ideas that fit your décor and budget. You can also print out these tips and take them with you next time you're out shopping.

1. Brilliant Illumination

Simple, quality lighting creates a relaxed mood and a great anchor point in a room. Waterfall, cascading or strand lighting is especially popular for it's loose, organic quality.


  • Strand lights: A different take on string lighting with larger rounded bulbs that can be hung from a ceiling in just about any configuration you can think of. Try hanging them to divide a large room or hang multiple strands in a corner to create a waterfall focal point.
  • Waterfall: Look for tabletop lamps with cascading strands of metallic beads or reflective glass. They'll add sparkling light to your space in an instant.
  • Chandeliers: This staple of many households is taking on a decidedly Victorian look with colorful strands of beads and hanging gems.
  • Pendant lighting: Instead of the minimal, single hanging light fixture, try lining up multiple pendant lights together and hanging them above a dining table or kitchen island. They'll provide plenty of bright light and add visual interest to your room.

2. Bring Wood Indoors

Faux bois or "fake wood" allows you to bring the natural world into your décor with accents, fabrics and everyday household items. It's basically an artistic imitation of wood or wood grain that ranges from very basic to bright and whimsical. Bringing the outdoors in has never been so easy!


  • Wood Prints: Update your décor naturally with wood grain printed fabrics. Look for wood grain prints or textures on wallpaper, area rugs, towels, pillows, table runners and even bedding. Many of these items come in colors outside of the brown family, so you can match them to your current color scheme.
  • White Wood: Wood imitations are often white to give this natural look a modern twist. The imitations are available in many different forms, from white branch accent pieces and vases to mirrors and picture frames with white branch borders.
  • Functional Wood: It's not just for decoration! Faux bois finishes and wood imitations can be found on and in the form of everyday items such as dishware, coasters, candleholders, table lamps and chandeliers. You can even spruce up your home office with wood grain print notepads, writing paper and binder clips.

3. Creative Characters

Decorating with big, bold letters and numbers is a hot trend that also gives you the opportunity to pay tribute to your family and home in a unique way. Examples include: posters with vintage typography, oversized letters and numbers made out of wood, metal or covered with fabric, and even printed mugs, plates and pillows.


  • Collections: Use shadowboxes or wooden type trays to display significant letters and numbers that represent you and your family. Use different colors, sizes and types and include special photos or mementos. Hang it on the wall or display on a shelf.
  • Table Letters: Create personalized table settings and gifts by selecting unique stamps for each person's initials. Stamp place cards or paper placemats with their initials or simply set the stamps at each place setting.
  • Magnetic Décor: Add a little fun to your home office or message center by painting a section of the wall with magnetic paint. Display a collection of number and letter magnets that stick with one color and style or try mixing a variety.
  • Perfectly Placed: Arrange a collection of type elements, such as oversized letters and numbers, signs, printing type and blocks on bookshelves or a mantel to create an accent or focal point.

4. Color Me Yellow

Yellow is a hot color that will add a boost of energy to your rooms and remind you of the beautiful, bright sun all year 'round. Experiment with different yellow hues to get the look you want, and try some of these tips for adding color wherever and whenever you need it.


  • Bright Accent Ideas: Add a shot of sunshine to your room by contrasting canary yellow lampshades on white lamps or opt for a subtler look, with a sofa slipcover in a warm, mellow mid-tone.
  • Yellow Blooms: For a simple sunny display for an end table, desk or even centerpiece, find a short, rounded vase and fill it halfway with water. Float a single yellow bloom in the water, such as a daisy or rose for a modern-looking burst of color. Add a teaspoon of bleach to the water to keep the flower looking vibrant longer.
  • Sunny Kitchen: Brighten up the kitchen with lemon yellow placemats, linen napkins or a table runner. Complete the look with yellow dishtowels by the sink and a bowl filled with fresh lemons on the counter.
  • Warm Walls: Choose one wall in a cozy family room or light-filled sunroom to paint a warm orange-yellow color. It creates a focal point that matches well with honey gold wood tones on floors or furniture and white or off-white fabrics.