4 Hot Trends for the Home

1. Brilliant Illumination

Simple, quality lighting creates a relaxed mood and a great anchor point in a room. Waterfall, cascading or strand lighting is especially popular for it's loose, organic quality.


  • Strand lights: A different take on string lighting with larger rounded bulbs that can be hung from a ceiling in just about any configuration you can think of. Try hanging them to divide a large room or hang multiple strands in a corner to create a waterfall focal point.
  • Waterfall: Look for tabletop lamps with cascading strands of metallic beads or reflective glass. They'll add sparkling light to your space in an instant.
  • Chandeliers: This staple of many households is taking on a decidedly Victorian look with colorful strands of beads and hanging gems.
  • Pendant lighting: Instead of the minimal, single hanging light fixture, try lining up multiple pendant lights together and hanging them above a dining table or kitchen island. They'll provide plenty of bright light and add visual interest to your room.